Curiosity has been killing me lately for so many years now. I have lived in El Paso all my life but don't know the story behind something I had seen and continue to still see. There is a big tree that sits right outside in front of the staff parking lot at Bassett School. This particular tree you can spot on Elm Street is unique in its own way. There is actually a story that not many people including myself had a clue about. I assumed the love tree marked with the date October 23, 1998, was for two people in love. Although I was happy to see they painted the tree instead of carving it. I am glad that the people didn't carve their initials on the tree since that can cause damage. Normally when you carve into a tree it can damage the flow of intake for water, nutrients, and sugar.

Just recently a woman reached out to me who actually knew about the love tree. She had said that the painting was done between 2011-2012. Apparently, it was a parent who painted the loving message and had gotten permission from Bassett School's Principal. I don't know the full story but Kimberly Watson knew only that much to tell me about the love tree. I must admit the parent marked their love on one hell of a tree. The tree as you will see above actually has a heart shape all on its own naturally. Instead of carving initials, the parent painted inside the heart shape red and painted the date and message in white. Now 1998 was 22 years ago and the love tree has me wondering about something. Since it has been a long time, I wonder if the parent goes back to visit the love tree still. But now you know the love tree isn't about a couple like I had assumed.

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