The topic was trending on Twitter and the Buzz Adams Morning Show just had to ask our parents- who were their celebrity crushes back in the day? The topic was started on Twitter by @RaeSanni and has taken off with over 9,000 likes and almost 3,000 retweets. People are sharing their mom and dad's celebrity crushes with awe and disgust. After seeing some of the responses online, we decided to ask our parents who they were crushing on back in the day. 

The Morning Show spoke with Buzz's mom Shirley to see who she was crushing on, and Joanna's mother Juanita answered the call as well, giving us two not-so-secret crushes she has. Brandon and Lisa both asked their moms and they gave their crushes up. After talking to our parents, we spoke to some listeners to see who they remember their parents crushing on back in the day. We knew many of the names, including Tina Turner and Janice Joplin, but some of the people we had to stop and Google them. Safe to say Englebert Humperdinck is a new old-time Hollywood crush for me! Also, out of all the responses this woman's tweet received, this Twitter user took the cake for the best parent response to their crush.

Here's to hoping Jennifer Anniston shows up to visit him one day. See below to find out who our mom's celebrity crushes were when they were younger. Some of these crushes I wouldn't be surprised to find out they still think are hotties right now too! As for their daughters, there are a couple of their mom's celebrity crushes we still agree with now.

The Morning Show Asks Our Moms...Who Were Your Celebrity Crushes?

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