The U.S. Capitol has been waiting for word on what tree New Mexico would be sending for display at the Capitol this Christmas. The answer took longer than expected since there was a Christmas tree-cutting ban in the area. There has been a court battle raging on regarding a tree-cutting ban that spans across several national forests in the Southwest. In the center of this fight is the Mexican spotted owl which has a geographic distribution spanning across Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and mountainous areas of Central and Northern Mexico according to the U.S. National Park Service.

Environmentalists and the U.S. Forest Service reached an agreement this week and the order was filed named what activities are allowed in the owls' habitat. The tree-cutting ban has been narrowed and will now allow Christmas tree cutting permits. This is good news for the Capitol since the Capitol Christmas tree this year is supposed to come from the Land of Enchantment. The U.S. Forest Service has been trekking through Northern New Mexico woods since June trying to find the perfect tree. Now that the legal issues are over, the perfect Christmas tree can be cut down and a statewide tour can begin before it heads to Washington, D.C.

Find out what other activities will now be allowed under the new agreement on the Daily Mail website. You can also make your own New Mexico inspired ornaments that can be displayed on the Capitol Christmas tree. Find out how to submit your ornaments at our website.

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