This year I would have to choose multiple answers below for a few reasons. I was entertained and excited for the game because I wanted the Eagles to win and also for the commercials.

Top Clips YT has combined some of the 2018 Super Bowl commercials into one video. Above are some of my favorites that I enjoyed watching when they would take a break from the game. Not only were the commercials my favorite but watching this intense, nail-biting hell of a game! I was rooting for the Philidelphia Eagles and they sure did play like they wanted this badly. Then you have those who only go for the endless amounts of delicious food to endure during the game. You also can't forget those who are interested in the halftime show performance. Finally, you have some people who just live yesterday (Super Bowl Sunday) like every usual typical Sunday.

So what kind of person are you when the Super Bowl rolls around? Take the poll below!

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