We all have our favorite or "dream" state but, are you sure you're really in yours?

Time Science And Space recently published what they call "Americas Mood Map". Everyone sees Texans as friendly and laid back, while Floridians are portrayed as old and retired.  That isn't exactly the case though (particularly on the beaches of Miami ... wow!) and most other states reputations aren't necessarily right on target either.

What did Time find?  Apparently all the extroverts are clustered in Wisconsin, the most agreeable people are hanging in Utah, (I guess that's why they can handle multiple spouses!) and West Virginia has all the neurotics.

Photo by Ben Sklar/Getty Images

They figured all this out via a study done by a team of researchers led by psychologist and American expat Jason Rentfrow from the University of Cambridge. They studied the data of one million people from all over the United States and came up with 3 distinct regions of the country.  See how the map is divided here.

How do you figure out if you're truly where you belong in America?  With a simple 10 question test they came up with!   Take the test here to see if you're in the right state!

Apparently I belong in Oregon but screw that, Texas RULES!  (Despite The Cowboys.)