Deciding what to snack on while you watch a movie is almost as tough as deciding on the movie itself. Some theaters, like Alamo Draft House, offer snacks as well as "real" food like tacos, sandwiches, pizza, salads, etc.  They also offer a full bar and these days, there are several El Paso theaters offering beer and wine. (My usual "snack" is a Coors Light, so, this makes me happy. I used to have to sneak in my own.)

Anyway, I read an article by someone who was amazed that Texans like pickles with their movies. (It seems that's an "only in Texas" thing to that particular writer.) Bottom line is, everyone snacks differently and theaters today offer more than ever. They don't all feature restaurant-style fare but, most offer way more than popcorn.

There is certainly more available now than ever. What snack do you like most with your movie(s)?

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