There are quite a few places in El Paso where the older crowd likes to party from time to time. The older crowd I am referring to are the cougars and manthers in El Paso that can still live it up and party like it's 1999.

You can actually encounter cougars and manthers around El Paso at certain nightclubs or bars.

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Hell, some of us have even been to those places by force, accident, on our own personal will.

There was a time in my life I got to experience my first time at a club that was filled with cougars and manthers.

It was the year Mushroomhead had performed at the Texas Tattoo Showdown at the County Coliseum. Well, that same evening the band had invited the fans back to the hotel they were staying at.

The hotel they were staying at is connected to the ever-so-popular spot for the older crowd to party, Teddy's.

After their show, my plus one and I left for the hotel but didn't know exactly where they would be at.

So we stumbled into Teddy's to see if they were going to be in there, which they weren't.

It sure felt awkward walking into Teddy's as the other guests were looking at us as if we didn't belong there.

Well, that night the band just decided to order a round of shots and play in the waiting area just above Teddy's.

But Teddy's is not the only place around where the older crowd likes to get wild occasionally.

Funkmeyers Rec Room is also another hotspot where manthers and cougars enjoy getting loose.

In 2019, I had shared the top 3 places you were bound to encounter cougars and manthers in El Paso.

Over the years there have been more places you can meet cougars and manthers in El Paso. A dating and relationship coach from Beyond Ages shared a guide on where you can meet cougars in El Paso in 2022.

Feel free to share what spot you believe is known for being cougar and manther territory in the poll below.

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