It's May 4th which means, it's Star Wars Day in El Paso! Which got me thinking... if characters from Star Wars were to visit El Paso for a day, where would they go? Well I have some ideas on who would come & WHERE they would go.

(most of the characters I mentioned were from the Original Star Wars Trilogy, with one exception)

Han Solo:

This is an easy one. Han loves places you can grab a drink, maybe somewhere that celebrities like to come to town. So in my opinion, L&J Café would be a safe bet. It would be pretty ironic since Chris Pine, who acted in STAR TREK, visited not too long ago too.

You might see Chewbacca there too.

Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine:

Two of the majors forces of the DARK side would definitely love the NIGHT life in El Paso. Maybe after numerous failed attempts & countless Death Stars being blown up, maybe they would need to let off some steam by going to any of the nightclubs in El Paso. And if they did, Darth Vader would be a force.... on the dance floor.

Or maybe he'll surprise everyone & visit sick children in the hospital.

Or bring his stormtroopers to a Chihuahuas baseball game.

Lando Calrissian:

The smuggler/gambler/entrepreneur & card player... I mean... it's kind of obvious isn't it? Speaking Rock or Sunland Park Race Track & Casino would be the obvious choices. You'll probably spot him playing at the poker tables..

Jar Jar Binks:

When he's not bugging people around town, trying to speak to animals at the El Paso Zoo; he loves eating so he would definitely enjoy food. Maybe...MISO soup?

No? Ok moving on...

Princess Leia:

After she gets her hair done at one of the salons like Yes We Do Family Hair Centers or West End Hair Company, I can easily see her be fascinated with our military bases on Ft Bliss. Hanging out with Han afterwards of course...

Boba Fett:

After escaping the rancor pit, perhaps he wants to just fly around White Sands National Park on his jet pack. He's got PLENTY of space to work with. After all the park is PERFECT for a lightsaber battle.

Or any of the gun ranges, working on his shots (as if he needed to...)


You might seeing them training together at a gym, working on the form lifting weights. They did train together on Dagobah after all...

Separately though, I can absolutely see Luke Skywalker flying around the El Paso Airport or admiring the old planes at the War Eagles Museum in Santa Teresa.

Meanwhile Yoda would absolutely do yoga on Scenic Drive, enjoying the view...

Michelle Salazar
Michelle Salazar


Originally I was thinking C3PO would hang out at the El Paso Library since he's intelligent but... they're robots... They need to be around computers. They're not exactly the greatest navigators so perhaps they stumble across Rubik's & become enamored with the beautiful machines & lights. Or maybe they would wonder aimlessly around El Paso waiting for someone to assist them...

and finally Chewbacca:

My man Chewie. Let's be real... he would totally go somewhere with furry friends; dogs love him.

Maybe the new Cat Cafe, any of the El Paso animal shelters (like the El Paso Animal Services or the Humane Society). Maybe he'll party it up at Southwest University Park with the El Paso Chihuahuas. Or maybe he'll try his hand joining the El Paso Police Department. Wouldn't be the first time he joined a police department in Texas

So while you're out & enjoying Star Wars Day, perhaps at the Star Wars Airbnb or many of the events going on later tonight, just remember... May the Fourth Be With You...

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