Actually, it’s reimagined by YouTube creators Curious Refuge with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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I don’t know how much or what parts AI was responsible for. But, after I watched it the first time, I thought maybe Wes Anderson had actually done it on a lark. Nope. That’s a Deepfake Scarlett Johansson and Edward Norton.

Curious Refuge via YouTube
Curious Refuge via YouTube

I can tell it’s AI generated but only AFTER I found out AI was used. After one viewing, I could have easily been convinced that Scarlett, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Murray ACTUALLY participated. They didn’t…but I could have believed it.

At first blush, Wes Anderson films and Star Wars don’t have a lot in common. One features whimsical plots, off-beat main characters and animals that are often animated. The other is Wes Anderson.

The consensus among commenters is positive, with many saying how much they would love to see a Star Wars done by an unconventional director. I tend to agree. I would pay good money to see a Quentin Tarantino origin story for Mace Windu (“Does Master Yoda look like a b!%ch??!!”) . Maybe Guillermo Del Toro could take a shot at gritty Jar Jar Binks follow-up. And I think I speak for everyone when I say I’d watch the hell out of a David Fincher flick that explains who the “Bothan spies” were and why so many of them died to get the plans for the second Death Star to the rebels.

I think I’ve detected the flaw in this AI Anderson/Star Wars mash-up. What’s Timothy Chalamet (who was only in “The French Dispatch”) doing in this movie when it obviously should have been Jason Schwartzman??

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