This feels like ages ago, but I did get to go shooting with Matt Best and JT from Article 15 and The Drinking Bros Podcast. Here is some footage of that glorious time.

This was long enough ago that I'm not 100% sure where we were. Someone recently asked on Reddit where they could go shooting legally in the desert around El Paso.

Safe places to legally shoot for free in El Paso's deserts?

Looking for a place out in El Paso where I can take my guns and legally shoot all day for free. Thing is almost everything is private or federal property. I hear from everyone that free legal shooting is doable though. Just wondering where.

Does anyone have any specific directions?

Really don't want to join a range or club. Especially an indoor one.

Much appreciated.

The big thing that came out of this question was you will probably need a vehicle that can go off road. The person who asked this question on Reddit apparently drives an Altima and that makes it difficult finding a place to go shooting. Someone did however come up with a solid recommendation.

Go to Butterfield Range in Las Cruces. Free of charge outdoor range for rifles and pistols.

And of course, I have to share the glorious song from the guys as they were signing posters for their movie Range 15. Just be warned, DO NOT watch this video in public unless you want to get a lot of really strange looks from people around. It has very much not safe for work language.

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