I remember the first time I saw Nirvana on Mtv. It was the world premiere for "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Absolutely mesmerizing! I don't think the impact of a generation of music has hit harder. It seems the mastery of this time period is cancelling itself off slowly one by one. What the hell?

The thing that pains me is that with all the debauchery that took place in the 80's most of these rockers are surprisingly still with us. Every generation of rock since the beginning has lost its fair share of musical genius. It seems the Seattle scene that killed off the hair bands of yester year are slowly picking themselves off and that crap is not cool!

Enough is enough, no more deaths due to overdoses it's getting pretty sickening. I wish all the musical mastery that has life still pulsing through there veins to put the pen to paper instead of pills to the mouth. Life is way too precious to have it taken away without actually living. May all we've lost rest in peace, you will be missed eternally and so will the craft you shared with the world.