Pictured at left is a story that ran this morning in the El Paso times.  The story is about the current controversy in the El Paso school district having to do with cheating and the subsequent cover-up by the EPISD Superintendent, Lorenzo Garcia.

The woman in the photo is EPISD School Board President Isela Castanon-WIlliams and the story has to do with her conflicting accounts of how this scandal was handled.

Look carefully at the photo. Do you see the "self-caption"?  Click to the next page if you need help.




There it is. You see, the "Less Than Success" text isn't a graphic the newspaper put in. It's what was actually on the wall behind Mrs. Castanon-Williams!

I'm just guessing here, but I imagine the quote actually reads "Nothing Less Than Success" or some other similar platitude.   But, really, when you think about it doesn't "Less Than Success" do a much better job describing the state of public education in El Paso, and the country for that matter?

My only question is whether photographer Mark Lambie framed the shot intentionally for this effect or whether it was just a simple...albeit apt...coincidence.