A sidewalk that leads to....a curb? The other day I was walking in my neighborhood and saw something that made me really question the intelligence of whoever designed this city sidewalk. On the corner of Piedmont and Robinson Street in the Kern Place neighborhood, there is a section of sidewalk that is leaving a lot of residents puzzled. Back at the beginning of the month, a Kern Place resident posted in the Next Door social app a photo of the sidewalk and was questioning its purpose:

"Sidewalk to nowhere? Any idea what's going on at the intersection of Robinson and Piedmont?"

Residents got a good chuckle from the photo and started pondering why the city would allow the sidewalk to be constructed in such a manner, and if it was ever going to be fixed. Some neighbors who have passed the area said there were white lines seen on the curb that could possibly indicate that the section of concrete will be cut out in the future, but no one in the neighborhood was certain it would happen, until yesterday. Thankfully, a neighbor updated the group letting us know the sidewalk was finally cut.

While the section of the curb seems strange and uncommon, apparently there's another area in town where the roadwork that's been done really doesn't make a lot of sense. According to people on the post, there is also an area in El Paso where there is a crosswalk that leads directly to a highway. On the intersection of Delta Drive and South San Marcial Street, there is a crosswalk that can be seen from Google Maps that shows a crossing that leads from a street directly onto the Border Highway. No one knows why the road crossing was painted, but it sure isn't a safe way to get across a road.

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