This video popped up on Fit Fam's Instagram page and I was immediately fascinated by it.

I have a ton of questions about this video. First of all, is that the same accident? It looks like the same car, but it seems to go from light outside to dark pretty quickly. If it was the accident, how damn long was that person stuck there? But honestly, the biggest question I have is...

What in the world were you trying to do?

  • Yield to traffic already in the circle
  • Drive counterclockwise
  • Do not try to pass other vehicles or change lanes
  • Do not stop in the circle unless yielding to a pedestrian
  • Follow the exit rules for the lane you are in

What about the right of way?

  • Pedestrians: Regardless of whether they are walking at a crosswalk, all vehicles entering or navigating a roundabout must yield to pedestrians.
  • Emergency Vehicles: As with regular roads, pull over and yield to emergency vehicles in or entering a roundabout. If you are unable to get over enough for the vehicle to pass you, exit the circle as soon as possible and then pull over.
  • Moving Traffic: Vehicles already in the circle have the right of way. Do not cut off another vehicle to enter a roundabout sooner.
  • Cyclists: Cyclists in or entering a roundabout are considered another vehicle. Cyclists walking or biking across a crosswalk are considered pedestrians.

No where in there does it say "drive straight through."

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