Times have changed from the times when you were suffering from a health ailment and ran to your local doctor. Now we look to Google for our answers. With so many people lacking health insurance these days and the skyrocketing price of medical bills, more Americans are looking for other ways to figure out their medical problems. This is also why many people may think they're a hypochondriac. A headache? Stomachache? Back pain? All cancer. And you're most likely going to die. A new study by Medicare Health Plans decided to look at each state and see what medical ailments were the most Googled in each state.

In Texas, the most Googled health problem was "nasal congestion" while New Mexico had a similar issue searching for "flem." Some of the weirder Googled terms? In South Carolina, people were worried about their dark green poop, Wisconsin with their light colored poop, sweaty palms in California and even uncircumcised penis problems in Indiana. To check out all the states and their most Googled at the Medicare Health Care Plans website.

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