There are all sorts of emojis that represent emotions, food, and body parts but what emoji do you think would best represent El Paso? There are some we could use but if we could have one made that represents El Paso, which emoji would you prefer?

There are some emojis that already exist that some El Pasoans can use and understand the meaning. A few emojis that could somewhat symbolize El Paso would be the alligator, a star, and the pickaxe. If you could use one of the emoji choices below, which emoji would you use quite often? If I could pick an emoji to use that represents our hometown would have to be a mountain with the star. I get the feeling that a lot of El Pasoans would actually prefer a Chico's Tacos emoji over all the choices.

If El Paso were to create an emoji to represent our city which emoji would you prefer out of the choices below?

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