Whataburger. A sacred Texas institution. Who doesn't love late night visits to Whataburger, the Spicy Ketchup, the Patty Melt or my personal favorite the number one with bacon, cheese and Jalapeno? We take our Whataburger very seriously. But we are also thieves! We can all admit it, I won't tell on you, we've all stolen the Whataburger table tent at least once in our lives! Well, the one I have was not so much stolen as it was left behind, the guy forgot to take it with him so... I took it! I once dated a guy who had so many of them they just kind of chilled on the floor of his car. It's a tradition.

Well guess what? Whataburger knows you steal them. They're not okay with it, but they know it happens and they know that you know no one is going to chase you if you happen to swipe one on the way out. Whataburger instead considers them a "cost of doing business." That's at least coming from Rich Scheffler, who tells Texas Monthly that they estimate about one million table tents lost a year, whether that be from stolen ones to old ones that succumb to wear and tear. The cost of replacing them all? Upwards to $200,000!

Don't go feeling too bad though. Whataburger has their online store that sells merchandise that helps out when table tents are stolen. Scheffler also says that everyone at Whataburger doesn't really mind when you take them, saying:

"When we see them on a dashboard or somebody’s desk or shelf, it makes us proud that somebody likes us that much. We’re pleased that our customers have that connection.”

Scheffler also says they're aware of the "black market" for the Whataburger table tents. A search on eBay has every number imaginable, including the elusive "69" which Scheffler says "I’m sure it’s because it’s our 69th anniversary this year."


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