What do your favorite drinks, and the way you order them, say about you?

I found these particular answers on Ask Reddit. Which means I could have asked anyone here at KLAQ and been just as scientifically accurate. Anyway, some of their answers:

  • Ordering a drink and saying "make it a strong one" means you're a cheapskate.
  • Mixing top shelf liquors with soda means you're an idiot.
  • Ordering a Midori Sour means you're not old enough to even be in a bar.
  • Whatever you order, if you're polite and tip well, bar staff will love you.

Pretty basic, common sense assumptions really. They forgot a couple though:

  • If each member of your party orders multiple drinks because happy hour is ending, you're probably from El Paso.
  • If you order a bucket of beer, and you're alone, you're from El Paso.
  • If you order a bucket of beer, mixed with clamato and spices, you're from El Paso and it's Sunday morning.
  • If you order a shot of tequila, with lime and salt, you're NOT from El Paso.

No data usage, no tedious questioning and my results are (probably) just as good as theirs!