I remember going to Super Bowl parties when I was a kid. It was always a good time. But that's because the kids usually went outside and actually payed football. But since then, I don't really do Super Bowl parties. I've had small gatherings, but honestly just like watching the game without distractions. Especially if the Patriots are playing.

However, WalletHub has a list of Super Bowl stats, which includes things that people would be willing to skip in order to not miss the Super Bowl.

  • 23% would skip a vacation
  • 21% would skip out on important work
  • 20% would skip a close friend of family member's wedding
  • 19% would skip the funeral of a loved one
  • 15% would skip the birth of their child

This could have to do with the fact my team has been in the Super Bowl more than another team in history, but I wouldn't skip any of these things to watch the Super Bowl. But, I understand how some fans might. I mean, I'm pretty sure at this point Buffalo Bills fans would skip the birth of their child just to see a playoff game.

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