What a crazy few days it's been for millionaires and for the area surrounding the Sun City! Just nine days ago, billionaire Richard Branson launched out of New Mexico on the Virgin Galactic and reached space. And now, this morning (7/20), another billionaire, Jeff Bezos, will also make his space debut on his company's Blue Origin first passenger flight out of Van Horn!

I do find it a little weird that these billionaires are racing to get into space. Why are they so anxious to get off Earth? What do they know that we don't?! Do they just wanna race to space and leave us poors on Earth?! Buzz goes into deeper detail here.

Since space talk has been the major subject lately, I really feel like we missed an opportunity to go to the Branson rocket launch, and since we're working today it wouldn't make sense to make the trip to Van Horn to check it out. However, we can imagine what we would be doing during the space launch. Here is what the Morning Show would be doing during the rocket launch:

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Lisa would be setting her Bumble to one mile radius- you never know who she might match with!


Brandon would be screaming obscenities at the billionaires. He's upset that these billionaires are running around going to space instead of trying to become Batman, or Iron Man.


I would totally be looking for a food truck. I'm sure there's an area for that right?


Buzz would get frustrated looking for parking and would just leave.

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