This question was brought up on Reddit. "What would make El Paso a better city?"

You can take this with a very serious tone, or a lighter tone. I asked this question to my wife and she immediate went light with "They should put a Disneyland here." But what do you think? Here are a few of the responses on Reddit.

imchuy09 said:

  1. well paying jobs and wider variety of industries. The brain drain is horrible here, everyone gets educated at UTEP then leaves. All of my friends either moved to Denver, Seattle or Dallas all for jobs that aren’t available here or pay more than they do here.

  2. recreation, we need affordable, safe and varied forms of indoor and outdoor activities. Skewed to account for the heat, I can’t help but the upper level at the fountains not one fucking tree.

  3. property taxes, the city and EPISD are screwing us. Those same property taxes make it expensive for business and renters because the cost is passed down. As a homeowner I’m skeptical making improvements scared that CAD is gonna screw me next year with a valuation increase.

  4. public transit, it f***ing sucks, I would love to take the bus to work but it would literally take 30-45 minutes when I can drive it in 15-20 minutes.

Density and centralized districts. The sprawl and sameness of every neighborhood is boring. El Paso needs centralized areas that are dense with different types of businesses. Instead, it’s strip malls and chain restaurants in every neighborhood. Most of these things come at a premium and people in El Paso tend to be more on the frugal side.

I've made this pretty clear recently. I love El Paso. I think it's a great town. We're in the nice sweet spot between small town and big city. But we need to be careful. Expansion is good, but only if it's done right. We are still small enough that we can make real changes to this city. It only gets more difficult the bigger you get.


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