What really was happening before the Big Bang? This was a question that Joe Rogan recently posed to Brian Greene.

Who is Brian Greene? What are his credentials to answer this type of question? He's a pretty damn smart dude, that's who he is. Here are some of his accomplishments:

  • Earned his BA at Harvard University.
  • Earned his PhD at Magdalen College, Oxford.
  • Has taught physics at both Cornell and Columbia University.
  • He has authored many books, including:
    • The Elegant Universe
    • Icarus at the Edge of Time
    • The Fabric of the Cosmos
    • The Hidden Reality
  • He has also been involved with PBS television specials.

So Joe asks the question. "What do you think was happening before the Big Bang?"

Greene gives a couple different options because, well, we just don't know. And the question was, "What do YOU THINK..." not "What EXACTLY was happening before the Big Bang?"

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