The city of El Paso recently issued a Stay at Home Order. You can find the complete order by CLICKING HERE. 

We posted about this announcement on Facebook yesterday and we got some interesting comments. This was one of the top comments we got.

Businesses already cooking up excuses to make people still go to work

I took exception to this comment. I don't think people quite understand just how bad things are going to get, and how scarce jobs are going to be. Here was my response.

Or you could be grateful you have a job that is still allowed to let people work and has the money to do so. If you want don't want the job, quit and give it to one of the many people who are currently losing their jobs.

This created a bit of a stir and people were calling me a dick. Was I being a dick? No, just giving a dose of reality. The next comment I made was over line though. I am willing to admit that. Here was the first response to me.

at a time like this work can suck a dick I hope everyone working at convenience stores and grocery stores get paid double it wouldn't be surprising if they turn out getting sick. As for being grateful the business I work for has yet to address the problem and situation with us nothing besides a poster in the breakroom protective gear nothing so grateful I am but the safety of my family comes first.

I agree with safety coming first. Here's my response.

Seriously, at a time like this, be grateful you have a job that is still paying you. If you're that lazy and don't want to work, quit. The unemployment line is about to get real, real long. There will be plenty of people ready to take that job that you don't want.

Should have I used the word 'lazy'? No, that was probably too much. But I stand by what I'm saying. Be grateful you have a job that is still allowing you to work.

That being said, if safety truly is an issue, here are some resources for you to report any unsafe work conditions.

OSHA should be your first call. Head to their website by CLICKING HERE.

You can give OSHA a call at 800-321-6742 (OSHA)

You can find an OSHA office by CLICKING HERE.

In the city of El Paso, you can report any non-compliance by emailing

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