It's also known as a "Mexican Wedding Shirt", What is it's Hispanic name?


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Today's question and answer:

Q: It's also known as a "Mexican Wedding Shirt”. What is it's Hispanic name?

A: "Guayabera" Versions of the shirt's origins claim that Mexicans either originated it in the Yucatán Peninsula or were inspired by the design of similar shirts sold in Cuba. One theory holds that it was during the era of trade routes through the Caribbean that the Mexican shirts got to Cuba, and were taken to the Philippines by the Spaniards, where the evolution of the intricate embroidery started. The origin of the Guayabera shirt remains a mystery, and a similar prototypical shirt has existed since the 18th century, probably imported from Spain.

P.S. "Mockets" Noun= A man's shirt with more than 2 pockets.

Congratulation to today's Win: Susana Najera

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