What song can you remember that kind of freaked you out when you were younger? Mine was 'Top Hat' from Marilyn Manson's, 'Portrait of an American Family'. Something about the video that freaked me out for a long time!

Thanks to our Facebook fans who participated!

These are songs YOU answered at our Official KLAQ Facebook page!

#5) From Amy Wood Grant, Alice Cooper, Welcome to my Nightmare

#4) From Maleny Duren, Iron Maiden, Fear of the Dark

#3) From Rick Martinez, Marilyn Manson, Sweet Dreams

#2) From kirk Pendegras, D.O.A., Bloodlock

#1) Creepiest Song comes from Brennan Gary, The police, Every Breath You Take

Other Songs that scared our listeners!

From J Rod

Claudia Isela Alvidrez

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