Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton is sidelined with Covid-19 and won’t be able to play Sunday when Dallas takes on the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. This marks the first time that anyone have ever been RELIEVED to get Covid-19. The Steelers are 13 ½ point favorites and the Cowboys have very little to make anyone think they have much chance of covering that spread much less WINNING against the powerhouse Steelers.

I’m sensing a feeling of despair among the Cowboy Nation. Brandon thought maybe I could give fans something to get excited about by offering to do something INSANE if the Cowboys someone managed to pull off the upset. I’m up for it because I feel fans in El Paso need something to root for with everything going on.

Here are some of the suggestions we’ve gotten already. Remember, this is for a Cowboy WIN not just to cover the point spread. So, if the Cowboys beat Pittsburgh should I…

  • Do a reverse Mohawk? This would mean shaving a stripe right down the middle of my head from the nape of the neck all the way to my widow’s peak.
  • Wear a Cowgirls cheerleader outfit? If so, does anyone know where we could find a size 22 Cowgirl costume with size 14 boots?
  • Wear nothing but chaps and a blue and silver thong? My “Ask a Lawyer” co-host Justin Underwood suggested this one. Blame him.
  • Other? I’m open to suggestions. What do you think I should do, on the extreme outside chance that Dallas can beat the Steelers on Sunday? Leave suggestions here so we can pick one before the show ends on Friday.

You can hear the game on 95.5 KLAQ starting at 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

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