Being in a band is kind of like being married. When things don't seem to be adding up and the chemistry is no longer there, a divorce could be in the near future.

This holds true in music as well. There are many bands out their that have changed members and other line up changes. I think one band that has definitely needed to call it a day is KISS. Don't get me wrong I love KISS, but with the classic line up long in the tooth, will they ever let "it" go?

Now I saw KISS in 1996 when they reunited the classic line up which was awesome to  witness. Since then, KISS has hinted at hanging up the boots but Gene and Paul just can't seem to end the roller coaster they started together. It is cool that a new generation is getting to see a classic nostalgia in the what will never be duplicated.

Only time will tell but till then until your favorite band calls it a day be sure you see them before it's too late!

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