I'll give you one guess and, from what I've seen around El Paso, I bet you guess correctly.

Priceonomics and BeerMenus.com drew a map showing the most popular beer in each state. They polled over 6,000 bars and restaurants across the country to see what they sold the most of, added 'em up, drew a cool map and, voila! Now we know.

Texas brewed Shiner Bock is the bomb in North Dakota but, not in Texas. Texas is, you guessed it, Bud Light country. The funny thing is that there are 50 states but, only half that many brews are listed. Coors Light and Miller Lite round out the top 3. Stella Artois was the only other beer to make the list more than once and the others, honestly, I've never freakin' heard of.

Except for Dogfish and that's only because a band rider once called for it. Check out the map here.