Now, people are still wondering if the world is going to end in 8 days and what is going to happen. I still believe there is a definitely possibility it WILL HAPPEN. If it does, here are some things I'd be totally cool with getting wiped off the face of the earth. FOREVER.

  • Honey Boo Boo and Family

    That family is the definition of obese and white trash all rolled into one. Every time I see a clip of this show, I feel the vomit coming up in my throat. Or maybe that's just my first gut reaction to what her mother looks like. If these people were to burn to a crisp in a fiery atomic bomb, I'd roast marshmallows and watch that.

  • Pajama Jeans

    People who wear these are lazy and can't fit into normal jeans which is why they choose to wear these instead. At least make it look like you're trying to make your body better and wear yoga pants in public. People will think you're either going to the gym or just left it. When in reality your just grabbing some McDonald's.

  • Girls Taking Pictures With Mustaches

    I've spent my entire life trying to wax mine off, and NOW you're telling me it's supposed to be fashionable?! Die in an atomic bomb.

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  • Octomom

    This woman should fly down a black hole as big as her gaping vagina is. Then maybe her children could be adopted by people who actually care about their well being.

  • Courtney Stodden

    This chick is a rehab trip waiting to happen. Her so called "clothes" are as big as my chonies and her sky high heels allow me and my friends to make bets on when she'll finally break her ankle walking in them. I'm hoping it will be as soon as tomorrow. If she died off in a freak 2012 disaster I'd probably throw a party to celebrate.