We all know it's expensive to repair appliances. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to screw one up?

We've all had our washers break down, often because something got into the drain that shouldn't have.  Parents find dolls, toys and stuff like that. Adults without kids find things like socks or handkerchiefs. (A friend of mine jacked hers up with a teeny weeny bra.)

In my case, completely jacking up the drain and causing the drain pump to seize was pretty inexpensive. No clothing articles or toys, just around $3.00 in change, a key, a crucifix and some .22 caliber bullets,  Total cost, (minus the crucifix 'cuz I don't remember how much it was originally), about $5.00.  Of course, fixing it was another matter. ($262.00)

NOTE: While keeping your guns ammunition clean and in working order is important, this is NOT the right way to do it.

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