A new study shows how different types of alcohol can affect your mood and behavior. Find out which booze makes you feel the sexiest, even if you aren't.

Looks like Snoop Dogg was on to something when he was sipping on that gin and juice.

A new study by BMJ looked at 30,000 people from 18 to 34 years old from over 20 countries to see how different drinks can affect people's mood and behavior. So what did they find? Turns out gin drinkers are the sexy ones, but they are also the ones seen to have "aggressive" behavior. So you may feel sexier, but you might be angrier too. And it looks like if you're drinking liquor, you're going to feel more energized, because 59% of people say they felt more energized when drinking those types of alcohol. Beer and wine drinkers say they felt the most relaxed, and that they were most likely to be drinking at home.

Also the younger you are, the more likely the person was to feel confident, energized and sexy when out drinking. So if you and some friends are going for a night on the town, opt for a spirit instead of that glass of wine or craft brew, so the sexiness in you can come out. Not to mention that confidence. Although I want a little bit of credit if you end of with a hot date out of it.