Crayola is on the hunt, attempting to track down an artist from Temple, Texas in the hopes of reuniting them with a masterpiece they created over 20 years ago!

Crayola is hoping that anyone in Temple, Texas knows a "Rachel" who made an amazing portrait of Nicole Kidman back in the year 2000 when Rachel was in the fifth grade! You got to check out the portrait below, it's impressive!

Can you believe a fifth grader made that? I'm sure many of us did art in elementary school, but I don't think mine was ever this good!

Crayola, is now hoping to get in touch with Rachel through their "Campaign For Creativity". The caption on the website from this piece of art says:

“My dream is to be successful in many areas. I love art, but I also like music and acting. Nicole Kidman is talented in many areas.”

You may be wondering why Crayola has the artwork. Through their Campaign For Creativity, Crayola began collecting children's artwork forty years ago! That artwork was displayed in museums and galleries across the country. Now they want to return those original pieces to the "kids" who created them!

Crayola Looking For Texas artist
Rivage via Unsplash

It now looks like we may have an update soon! One user commented that they know the artist! They wrote:

This was created in my class. I can contact the artist. This was submitted to the Crayola "DreamMakers" competition that used to be held every other years. I had dozens of winners across those years and all of the pieces were retained by Crayola.

Many are hoping that the artist will be revealed and, most importantly, are interested to see if Rachel continued pursing art.

You can scroll through Crayola's gallery and see more art here.

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