Out of ideas to make extra money? Bet you haven't considered these...

Lots of El Pasoans are looking for some extra cash these days, here are a few "unconventional" ways to get paid:

  • Donate Plasma. Make a few dollars and maybe save a life, contact United Blood Services.
  • Sell your hair. Yep, peeps will buy it if it's healthy and untreated.
  • Go shopping. (Not for yourself, that would be counterproductive, do it for others.) $25 an hour seems to be average, learn more here.
  • Get experimented on. You may get injected with some weird virus but, on the other hand, maybe you'll acquire superhuman powers!
  • Pick up the neighbors doggy doo. A few plastic bags and good negotiating skills are all you need to earn $$ here.
  • Speaking of poop, sell yours. Yes, there's a market for that. $40 a "drop" and $50 extra for giving 'em 5 straight days worth. (Think of all the crap you take from people for FREE...)

A few, somewhat freaky, ways to make money. For more, click here!