has raised a serious allegation against current Sheriff Richard Wiles in recent postings.

According to them, a 17-year veteran corrections officer has been demoted because he has neither a GED or a standard High School diploma. Sheriffleaks says the unidentified employee faced many hardships as a youth, including the death of his mother and being homeless. His situation, and the fact that he'd apparently met Texas state requirements, led his principal and counselor to give him a "certificate of completion". A certificate deemed acceptable at the time by Detective Marquez, the oral board and (then) Sheriff Leo Samaniego.

Now, 17 years later, this is being used to demote him and move him to a lesser position. So, why is this a big deal now? According to these blogs, this almost 20-year-old issue is only coming up because this officer has expressed support for Wiles opponent in the upcoming Sheriff's elections.

Retaliation against those who do not support him (Wiles) is a very serious charge and this isn't the first time Wiles has been accused of it. At a recent rally for his opponent, a number of other law enforcement agents, past and present, gave examples of these types of tactics. Wiles opponent is backed by almost every law enforcement organization in the area so, this particular election could get interesting!

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