The City of El Paso has been taken over by pesky weeds. Businesses, homes, and even street medians are covered in them and now you have to start cleaning up.

We saw plenty of wet weather during July and August in El Paso and that caused weeds to become overgrown in many areas. Some of the growth was good, like the stunning views of the Franklin Mountains that fit in more in a Lord of the Rings movie than a desert landscape. But others, were less inviting.

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Weeds have been sprouting up everywhere, and the overgrown vegetation is a messy sight for so many usually xeriscaped lawns. Now, the City of El Paso Code Enforcement office says they're out there and they want you to clean up your mess. Code Enforcement told KFOX News they have received over 4,000 calls already regarding unsightly weeds in people's yards.

According to Code Enforcement, homeowners are responsible for cleaning the weeds on their property which includes the sidewalk in front of your house and any alleyway that borders the property. If weeds are over 12 inches long, you could be fined. Code Enforcement first gives a written warning, then after seven days a formal letter is sent. If you still haven't picked up your property, the fines could be $127 but do go up from there. Find out more information at the KFOX News website.

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