El Paso is a big enough city that we have come up with great names for our neighborhoods. When deciding which neighborhood is the best, I'm sure that everyone across the city will say that their neighborhood is the best. Even I think that my neighborhood growing up is the best, and I grew up in the Northeast (which constantly gets crapped on but I will defend as long as I live! But that's another story).

Well, for those who are planning their move to El Paso, a website has happily compiled together the best neighborhoods to live in. It narrowed it down to five neighborhoods, which I'm not complaining about, however; it their descriptions of the neighborhood has some wrong information.

The five neighborhoods that Movoto.com chose are Mountain View, Castner Heights, Park Foothills, Silver Springs Village, and Via Hermosa. Aside from on one this list, I've never heard of the other neighborhoods! Do you agree with these five? Well, wait until you hear their descriptions.

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Mountain View.
This is actually the neighborhood I grew up in! My childhood was great so I will say that this is a great area to live in- others might not agree because it's in the heart of the Northeast. According to the website: "The military presence helps to maintain a very safe neighborhood." Which isn't a lie. However, it says that some of the hotspots in the area include El Paso Café, Picacho Coffee, Scratch Restaurant- which are nowhere near the are. Also, it says that this area feature "seven parks and two lakes" Lakes? WTH?

Castner Heights 
Another Northeast neighborhood! Which I'm all for, but this one says "Quirky and unique nearby attractions for locals include the Border Patrol Museum, Cohen Stadium, the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, the Old Glory Memorial giant free-flying American flag, and the Painted Dunes Golf Course." Painted Dunes is still a little north of this neighborhood. I'm beginning to think whoever wrote this has never been to El Paso.

Park Foothills
This is kind of Northeast. And now I'm a little suspicious. This one says that the hotspots of the area are "Matsuharu Japanese Restaurant, Village Inn, The Hoppy Monk."Yeah, the Hoppy Monk is nowhere near the area. Because this area is a little further up from Hercules, it's a much nicer side of the Northeast.

Silver Springs Village
I actually had a lot of friends who lived in this neighborhood growing up, because although I lived in the Northeast, I went to school on the West side. Yeah I'll give it to this website, the description is spot on.

Via Hermosa: 
I don't actually know where this is. So, someone tell me if the description on the website is correct!

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