Usually, after a breakup is when it's time to do some cleaning out. For women, we rather not hold on to anything that will remind us of the past. I have known some friends who don't care about returning belongings. They will straight up burn their ex's personal belongings even gifts that were given to them.

When my last ex and I broke up, I tried returning his favorite NFL team apparel back to him. Back then he told me to do whatever I wanted to do with his stuff. I ended up just packing it up and storing it away and glad I did just that. Just recently he reached out to me asking if I still had his things and if he could get them back. Of course, he had to throw in what I considered a d**k comment mentioning I had a plethora of hats. I managed to find every single item I had of his and gave it all back to him.

I didn't hold on to his things in the hopes of us getting back together. After all, he did jump right into another relationship right after ours ended. But felt good to return the most prized items that he had been asking about for a while. My question for you is what would you do with your ex's belongings? Place your vote in the poll below if you would either donate, keep, burn, or sell!

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    It feels good when you help out your community in any way you can. There are a lot of places that accept donations that help out others. For example, the Goodwill, Savers, and homeless/adoption shelters. There is also a runaway shelter that is always in need of donations.

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    There is nothing wrong if you're that person who has a hard time letting go. But sometimes people hold on to an ex's belongings in hopes of getting back together. Or in my case, I kept everything because I know how he loves his NFL apparel. Plus it worked out since he asked for his things back since the season is right around the corner.

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    It definitely shows that the relationship ended badly if you burned their things. I am not saying there is anything wrong with burning their sh*t because they probably deserved it. But I bet it also hurt THAT much to hold on to their things. The perk about burning their things is the excuse of having a bonfire with your support system there.

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    If you have clothing items that are in decent shape can earn you extra cash. Especially if you have a lot of NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL gear will sell on eBay. I had a ton of NFL apparel of the Kansas City Chiefs from my ex. Used items for that team run about $10 or more on eBay. So that extra money you earn from their stuff can buy you something useful for yourself!