Maureen Pollack is your typical suburban mother. She's a PTA member; she bakes cupcakes for her children's birthday parties; she brings her kids to soccer and Jiu Jitsu. Oh, and she invented a women's pleasure device.

Inspired by the pleasure she experienced when diverting the water from the bath faucet to her lady area, she had a conversation with her gynecologist about how there should be a product that directs the water perfectly for you, and the Waterslyde was born. She took her idea for toy to a 3-D printer, after getting approval from her rabbi to ensure it didn't violate any rules of the Orthodox Judaism she and her family practices:

Pollack says the Waterslyde directs the water "to the midline of the bathtub, allowing a woman to comfortably position herself in the tub so that the water falls directly to where it counts."

Maureen says the product works as a cleaning device, helping keep your lady bits fresh.

Since launching her company, Maureen says she's approached by women all over, including other moms at PTA meetings, thanking her for the Waterslyde.

Maureen is chatting with the KLAQ Morning Show Wednesday, and is offering MoSho listeners 10 percent off purchases and free shipping in the U.S., with the coupon code BUZZ at