If you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary in March you should totally take part in this! The Water Lantern Festival is brought to you by One World LLC. This kind of event will brighten up your spirit bringing you healing, peace, happiness, love, and connection. The event web page didn't exactly specify where this event will be taking place. But if it will be involving floating lanterns then I assume it will be at Ascarate Park. This is something I think would be neat as a family or date night activity. This will be an event that requires starting right as the sun will be setting. This won't just be about lighting up your floating lantern but also about having fun. There will be food trucks, music, and of course releasing your written messages to the water. The Water Lantern Festival will be in El Paso on Saturday, March 30, 2019. If you're interested you want to be sure to reserve your tickets before the price rises!