After a few rescheduled dates, it looks like the El Paso Water Lantern festival is finally going to happen. Water Lantern Festival had announced they would be at Ascarate Lake in March of 2020.

Well, little did we know a pandemic would roll through and cancel everything and put us on lockdown.

The Water Lantern Festival then pushed it to August of 2020 still unknowing of how bad we would have it. This event had postponed so many times until they finally came to the conclusion Covid-19 wasn't stopping.

First, they went from originally scheduled in March, then moved it to August, and then to October.

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Well, after rescheduling Water Lantern Festival the event jumped on the bandwagon like other events and just canceled. Well, Water Lantern Festival is coming back to El Paso and will be at Ascarate Lake.

In case you didn't know the Water Lantern Festival was voted the number one festival by USA Today. The pandemic isn't fully over just yet but things have been looking up for us.

Now everyone is eligible to get their vaccination that will help them in the long run. Since things are looking up the Water Lantern Festival has set a date for El Paso and it is right around the corner.

The El Paso Water Lantern Festival will be Saturday, April 24.

The event will be from 5 pm to 9:30 pm at Ascarate Lake. If you would like an idea of what the El Paso Water Lantern Festival is like just check out the video above. Except, it may be slightly different this year since the pandemic isn't over just yet.

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