The Water Lantern Festival was voted number 1 by USA Today and will be in El Paso this month. The El Paso Water Lantern Festival is an event you can create happy memories with your family and friends. This is the place you can feel happy and peaceful as you watch Ascarate Lake be lit up. Not only will the lake be lit up, but full of lanterns that you and others design.

The El Paso Water Lantern Festival will be Saturday, March 28 at Ascarate Park. If you choose to attend the gates will open at 4 pm and wrap up at 9 pm. The El Paso Lantern Festival will have food trucks, music, and fun activities. Following right after the lantern launch will begin at 7:30 pm until 8:30. Tickets are already on sale and the prices will rise $10 every week until the day of. The El Paso Water Lantern Festival is perfect for either a romantic date or a relaxing family outing.

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