After all the rescheduled dates the El Paso Water Lantern Festival jumped on the bandwagon to cancel. Back in March, the El Paso Water Lantern Festival was supposed to go down until the city went on lockdown. Covid-19 is responsible for so many events canceling, rescheduling, and how we're living life now. Due to the pandemic, we're not allowed to have large gatherings quite yet. That is why The El Paso Water Lantern Festival didn't happen earlier this year in March. It was originally scheduled for March 28 but due to our lockdown, it was called off. The Water Lantern Festival's last rescheduled date was for Saturday, October 17. The event was going to be held from 4 pm until 9 pm. But since we're still dealing with the pandemic The El Paso Water Lantern Festival just decided to cancel.

Since times haven't improved from the pandemic, the Water Lantern Festival had to make a difficult decision like others. They've decided to move the festival to next year in 2021. This event had postponed so many times until they finally came to the conclusion Covid-19 wasn't stopping. First, they went from originally scheduled in March, then moved it to August, and then to October. We're in August now and they recently released a statement saying they've decided to wait until 2021 to hold this event. By next year you, your family, and friends can enjoy this experience comfortably. Right now you can purchase your 2021 tickets at 50% off while they last. Now, all we can do is wait and hope for a better year next year in 2021.

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