If you are horror fan then you will most definitely want to find out how you can watch The Faculty and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the places they were filmed!

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The Myers House NC, the Michael Myers house replica in North Carolina that you can visit, hosts an ongoing film series titled On Set Cinema that a brings fans of cult favorites and horror films to unique screenings at their actual filming locations.

This fall, they’re bringing On Set Cinema to Texas to screen the classic horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the iconic Gas Station. And for the special 25th anniversary of The Faculty, On Set Cinema will be hosting The Faculty in Lockhart, Texas at Lockhart stadium.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the 2003 version, will be shown at The Gas Station in Bastrop, Texas, on Saturday, November 18. The Gas Station is the pit stop from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and these days, they’re serving up some delicious barbeque. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre screening will be $50 and that includes private access to the store as well as a barbeque plate.

For The Faculty screening, first of all, can you believe it’s been 25 years since we first saw The Faculty? Although the movie was originally set in Ohio, it was actually filmed in Lockhart, Texas, and now you’ll be able to watch the 1998 sci-fi horror on the actual field where Coach Willis (played by Robert Patrick) yells at the football players on the big Friday night game on Sunday, November 19.

The Faculty stars Josh Hartnett, Famke Janssen, Clea DuVall, Elijah Wood and Jordana Brewster (pre-Fast & Furious fame). The Faculty screening will be $25 and that will include a walking tour of the Lockhart stadium and some Pixy Stixs (if you know you know).

You can find out more about the screenings here; as well as check out other screenings across the country.

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