It's one of the most iconic horror films ever, and now, it's sawing its way to 50. The iconic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is celebrating 50 years of terror.

With so many spin-off's and remakes, it's almost makes you forget just how long The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has been around! The iconic film, which was released in October of 1974, has had great success with special tours through the Texas locations where fans can actually walk through, and spend the night, in the actual house that Leatherface and his cannibalistic family terrorized a group of teens!

Well, this year, the original, and genre shaking, horror legacy is turning 50 and to celebrate its golden years, there will be a year long celebration!

The celebration actually kicked off at SXSW this year where an Austin ice sculptor created a bloody carving in real-time using a real chainsaw!

But, wait! There's more! According to Fangoria:

In late 2024, Dark Sky Films will release a multi-disc set, which will include the new 4K UHD edition of the film, a Blu-ray bonus disc containing new extra features, and an exclusive VHS release of the movie. The special edition collector’s set will be housed in a custom created box shaped as a chainsaw that will feature iconic sounds from the film when it is opened.

Those iconic sounds, I can only assume, are the sounds of a chainsaw and the photo flash sound from the beginning; I won't lie, that sound haunts me to this day!

Aside from that special release, Fangoria reports through the spring and summer, there will be appearances at fan conventions across the country as well as many screenings at theaters- as well as special Halloween screenings of the film!

Obviously, it's a big deal for fans of the film. To learn more about the year-long celebration, click here.

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