Johnny Knoxville is up to no good again but this time dressed as an old man. If you were a fan of the "Bad Grandpa" skits during Jackass episodes, you are going to love this.

Jackass may be done after the death of Ryan Dunn and some of the guys are getting to old for stunts but that's not stopping Knoxville. He is about to take over the big screen with "Bad Grandpa".

His character from the Jackass episodes, Irvin Zisman must take his grandson, Billy, to live with his father after his mother is jailed. This movie seems to have some kind of plot that will involve pranking unsuspected people.

I am not too sure how this movie will do at the box office but the trailer is pretty funny, My favorite part would have to be the little miss pageant. Honey Boo Boo wouldn't be able to pull off this routine!

Check out the trailer below. Would you pay to see all this craziness?