Nico doesn't know much about sports. For instance, he loudly proclaimed that he though Conor McGregor was going to defeat Floyd Mayweather. The bet we settled on was simple: Nico takes McGregor, Buzz Takes Mayweather. Winner gets to tase the lose with a million volt cattle prod.

Actually, it's not a cattle prod. It's a "Self Defense" Cane that you can find on-line for under a hundred dollars.

Keep in mind that we didn't have to convince Nico to make this bet. This was something Nico was EAGER to do. In fact, it wasn't until later, after he had read a little bit about what fight experts were saying, that he came back and tried to alter the bet by laying odds or asking me to call the round the fight would end in. Nice try, Nico, but a bet's a bet.

Above is the video of Nico taking a million volts from the Zap Cane right to the tuchus. Below is that moment of shock on a loop.

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