A South Korean driver with a dash-cam showed some serious driving skills when confronted by a service truck with a crane that slipped its emergency brake on a hill.

As the driver goes up the hill, you see a road crew working in the middle of the street. The truck begins to move as its driver helplessly tries to open the door to get in while street barriers and the road crew scatter everywhere.

The car's driver quickly throws it into reverse and backs down the hill while the camera stays trained on the truck with its lowered crane sticking out like a battering ram and bouncing dangerously close to the car!

The driver finds a side street as the truck goes bouncing down the hill. You might wonder what it runs into -- but apparently no one else in South Korea does! Traffic picks right up again.

Know where 3D video would be cool? Right here! The one-dimensional image of the crane doesn't do justice in showing just how close it really is.

It's hard to figure what's more impressive, the driving or the choice of background music -- a groovy acoustic lounge version of "Gangnam Style".