Father's Day has come and gone, and father's across the country were getting the father's day gift of their lives!

I'm a sucker for a touching video with a dad crying; maybe because we always envision our dads a these tough men and seeing them cry can really tug at your heart strings. Which is why when I stumbled across these videos of father's opening their father's day gifts of tickets to see Los Bukis on their reunion tour, I fell down a rabbit hole of these videos!

Los Bukis, if you're not aware, are a Mexican group who were founded in 1976 by cousin Marco Antonio Solis and Joel Solis. They have such hits like "Tu Carcel", and "Falso Amor". This is the guy who kind of resembles Jesus, and the songs were the ones our moms would blast on Saturday mornings while cleaning, and our dads would sing along to while working out in the yard on the weekends. They're a staple across Hispanic households.

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When Los Bukis announced a reunion tour last month, everyone was excited; however, the reunion tour is only four concerts- two in Inglewood, one in Arlington, and a fourth in Chicago. Getting tickets was like the Bad Bunny situation all over again! It was tense, and I came out empty again! However, for these five dads, this was the father's day gift of a lifetime! If I cried, you're going to have to cry too! Watch as this dad cries in disbelief as he gets his tickets:

Watch this dad reach for his glasses to make sure he is indeed going to see Los Bukis!

And this dad whose whole family was ready to see his reaction!

And this dad who couldn't hold back his tears:

And this dad who even got a new shirt and cologne for the night of the concert!

Is someone cutting onions around here?

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