Watch the latest video from Papa Roach, "Leader Of The Broken Hearts".  Check it out here and watch Jacoby and company as they film it!!

Papa Roach recently released a video for "Leader Of The Broken Hearts" from their new (well, latest anyway) cd, "The Connection".  Pretty cool video featuring a spooky looking orphanage, a bunch of spooky looking people with shiny holes in their hearts and Papa Roach (not so spooky looking) themselves playing the song.

Papa Roach also made a behind the scenes video about the making of "Leader Of The Broken Hearts".  Check it out below, then watch the video itself after that!

Now that you have seen them slaving away on the video, take a look at the finished product!  I swear, the kid in the beginning of the video could be Jacoby Shaddixs' son.  (He has 3 now.)  If he isn't, then he should be ....... there is a strong resemblance.

If you wanna see another vid after this one, click here ... Enjoy!