Metallica rocked El Paso well over a year ago, here's a peek at what happened before the show.

We haven't had a big concert in El Paso since KISS in February and, I miss them soooooo much. (Although, I do NOT miss long bathroom lines, $20 parking, and $10 beers.) There's no telling when the craziness will ease up enough that we can start getting back to normal with anything, let alone live concerts. Bands, from up and coming local acts all the way up to the "big dogs",  have done their best to stay connected with fans via online performances and interviews. It's just not the same though.

Anyway, we'll see how things go as far as live entertainment in 2021. For now, here is a flashback to Metallica and their 2019 performance in the Don Haskins Center. The NSFW video above is their message to us all and the one below is them warming up before the concert.

It was an epic show on every level. Especially with regard to their love of El Paso which included them visiting a local food pantry and leaving a $10K donation before their show and this killer rendition of "El Pasoduring it.

It was a helluva night and absolutely a show that will be hard to top for those fans lucky enough to see it. To be honest though, as over the top as Metallica were, right now I would be thrilled to see any band live.

I even miss the neighbors' kids band...

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